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Evidence from a Decade of Reuniting Alienated Children and Parents in the UK

We agree that this works. We have seen it work and nothing else ever does. You definitely cannot wait until the alienator “warms up” to the idea of allowing the child to see their other parent. That will only lead to YEARS of trauma.

Karen Woodall

It is a decade since I worked with Thomas Moore to assist in reuniting him with his son after many years apart.  You can read about his journey and our work together in his book ‘Please Let Me See My Son’.  This week Thomas called me to say hello and let me know that his son is well and living a normal and healthy life.  I knew then and I know now, that when we help children to recover from the induced psychological splitting which causes parental alienation, their life chances are good and the future looks bright. Having a healthy parent to return to is key to recovery and being able to hear from parents around the UK, whose children I have reunited with them, lets me know that in each and every case of severe parental alienation, the decision to intervene robustly is the right one.

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